Echo Bench



Echo Bench is a rock trio of female musicians.
Their debut studio album "Echo Bench" - featuring songs written, composed, played & produced independently by the band - will be released this summer. The song “French”, featured in the album, has been recently re-mixed by Colin Newman (Wire).
Echo Bench's sound is a combination of soft vocals and loud noise guitars with layers of sound, referencing the musical tradition of bands like Slowdive, Suicide, Swans, Sonic Youth, Lush and many others to create their own unique sound.

Coming from visual art background – lead singer and guitarist Noga Shatz is a painter, bass player Shahar Yahalom is a sculptor and drummer Alex Levy is a filmmaker – Echo Bench members bring a different attitude to the experience of sound and space. 

Their previous albums "Live 2012" – a recording of a live show in Tel Aviv – and the 2010 four track EP "Rolling" were well received and gained much attention on Israeli national radio, on all indie rock and alternative programs as well as on internet radio.

During the last couple of years Echo Bench performed extensively, including at all the largest Israeli music festivals and venues and on summer 2011 went on tour in London, playing gigs in Camden's famous venue the Dublin Castle and Hoxton clubs Buffalo and Enterprise amongst others.