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Marnero - Il Sopravvissuto [CD DIGIFILE V4V004] SOLD OUT



Il   Sopravvissuto   is   Marnero’s   third   album,   second   of   a   inevitably   unrealizable trilogy of Failure. 

Il Sopravvissuto is a unique tale, four quadrants, eight fragments of the logbook in a black night across the Ocean of Possible, in a maybe no more linear Time. 

Il Sopravvissuto talks about impossible comebacks, searching for syllables, names and identities, recoveries. 

Il Sopravvissuto talks about Demons Pre and Ante Festum, Furies and Sirens, spirals and   knots   untied   in   the   Circle   of   the   Middle,   axes,   eyes   wide   open.   Of   self­ determination and overturned dumpsters. 

This is, in the findings of those who have told us. But more interesting, perhaps, is to know what these findings tell to the listeners, unless that it is not only just a round  dead stuff with grooves, inside an useless cardboard box. 

"After   the   first   step   beyond   the   threshold   everything   is   already   miles   and   miles behind."