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Vinyl 12″ two sides splattered blue Limited edition + official digital download.


Porch nascono nei primi anni ’90 dal chitarrista / cantante Todd Huth, già membro fondatore dei Primus insieme ai progetti Sausage and Les Claypool Fearless Frog Brigade – insieme al bassista Christopher Frey proveniente dai Today Is The Day e il batterista David Ayer componente dei Samiam prima di essere sostituito da Michael Jacobs nel 1998. Il loro background li fa notare da una certa stampa locale e li porta a firmare con l’etichetta Alternative Tentacles Records di Jello Biafra con la quale pubblicano finalmente, nel 1993, un EP omonimo su Mammoth Records seguito da un full-length album nel 1994, opportunamente intitolato Porch. Col passare del tempo, continuano per molti anni con il solo Todd e Michael dopo che Chris si trasferisce a Nashville.


Dalla reunion con Chris nel 2011 scaturisce Givin Up, un EP di sette brani registrato con la band al Justin Millar’s Ausgang Audio (Petaluma, Ca.). In seguito,il 31 Ottobre 2013, viene pubblicato in digitale sul loro bandcamp l’album Walking Boss, registrato, mixato e masterizzato da Tim Green. Nel mese di agosto 2014 pubblicano su Custom Made Music un 4-tape in edizione limitata che raccoglie tutte le loro registrazioni precedenti. Oggi, finalmente, grazie ad una campagna Kickstarter, esce la riedizione in vinile di Walking Boss.


Formed in the early 90s by the guitarist / vocalist Todd Huth, part of the original Primus along with follow on projects Sausage and Les Claypool‘s Fearless Frog Brigade – the bassist Christopher Frey came from Today Is The Day and original drummer David Ayer beat it for Samiam before being replaced by Michael Jacobs in 1998. Michael now also plays with San Francisco’s Brookhaven.

Our background led us to some local press early on and a deal with Jello Biafra’s label Alternative Tentacles Records to finally release in 1993 a self-titled EP on Mammoth Records followed by a full-length album in 1994, appropriately titled Porch.
Years past and we continued on for many years with only Todd and Michael after Chris moved to Nashville.

The initial reunion with Chris in 2011 forged Givin Up, a seven song collection recorded at Justin Millar‘s Ausgang Audio (Petaluma, Ca.) with the band and Mr.Eli Crews at New Improved Recording (Oakland, Ca.) at the controls.
Since then, the full length album Walking Boss recorded, mixed and mastered by Tim Green was released digital to bandcamp on October 31, 2013. In August 2014 we released a 4-tape limited edition set with all of our previous recordings on Custom Made Music.

“A journey through yourself guided by compositions defined in a music that does not want to be encapsulated into a genre. It is possible to perceive the strong 90’s influences, Codeine, KARP, Unwound or Melvins are entities appearing in the album somehow, but the truth is that this record requires to be addressed as it is, turning off the thoughts.” — Francesco from The Earl Times Blog (October 2013 – Walking Boss review).

“Phew! we will not wait 17 years for them to release a new album, it would have been a pity also to wait that long. This new album is beautiful, taking, fairly long 10 pieces, 10 pieces made pretense with these false always walks that only the trio secret, these moments of calm before the storm or “Tourettes Class” and hopping noisy. Let yourself be tamed by this album poison hoping them all the success they deserve. Magnificent! highly recommended!” — Radio Kultura Noise-r-us (France, October 2013 –  Walking Boss review).

“This haunting urban blues and soul through me and I recommend prolonged listening to dissonant nightmare.” I will not contradict him, nay.” — Radio Kultura Noise-r-us (France, May 2011 –  Givin Up review).

“If it is particularly difficult to characterize and define this music, something very simple binding on you: it is simply fantastic. The rhythm section proves hard, supporting each rhythm with conviction and simplicity, but it is in the mid-tempo that is most remarkable. The seven titles are also on the alert, often in direct confrontation in that area and mid-water, Porch excels. The song of Todd Huth, perched high enough, also gives a special tone to a record that isn’t already short of specifics. So go listen to these songs later, it’s an order and when this record will come in the flesh, bursting it.” — SKX, Perte et Fracas.org

Recorded in May 2013 by Tim Green at Louder Studios in Grass Valley. Mixed and mastered by Tim Green in August 2013.
Released Halloween, 2013 Blackball Records


released September 12, 2015

Todd Huth – Guitar, Vocals
Christopher Frey – Bass
Michael Jacobs – Drums

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